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10 Reasons not to miss White Bull

Learn why Whitebulll is one of the best entrepreneurial conferences to attend in Europe
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/ Last updated on 27th October 2017

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Whitebull Pathways is one of the most intimate conferences we attend on an annual basis but by far one of the most impactful in terms of calibre of attendees and startups. (And no were not paid to say that!). So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why entrepreneurs and startups shouldn’t miss Pathways in Barcelona:

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10. Networking

We were blown away last year by the sheer calibre of startups and entrepreneurs at Pathways 2013, you could throw a stone in any room and hit dozens of successful entrepreneurs and investors. If you’re looking for a conference that is careful with attendees both in quantity and quality, look no further.

9. It’s not all about work!

The parties are rather spectacular, from drinks by the pool to DJ’s using advanced Japanese tech and some epic cocktails, the evenings are great to meet interesting people and relax/ work. (Let’s face it, for most entrepreneurs this tends to blend.)

8. Farley and Elizabeth

Farley and Elizabeth, the organisers of Whitebull Pathways, are great hosts and are experienced entrepreneurs in the own right with a serious network in the tech community. Their events run incredibly smoothly, and this is in no small part down to brilliant organisation.

7. Investors

If you’re looking to raise and meet one to one with some of Europe’s top investors, this is the place to do it. Web Summit, Slush and other large conferences in Europe are brilliant in their own right but in terms of getting face to face with viable investors, Pathways rules the roost.

6. It’s bloody interesting!

Similar to most conferences the day is packed with lectures, breakout sessions and more. We couldn’t fault the content last year and this year’s line-up is looking even better with Accel, Qualcomm and Salesforce attending to name a few. If you want interesting, breaking and disruptive ideas/ innovation, it ticks all the boxes!

5. You might win something

The bully awards are respected around Europe, a mark of achievement for your startup. If you’re lucky enough to win, it’s a good badge of honour. Most of these startups also go on to seriously disrupt their industries, so as a good luck charm it doesn’t hurt either.

4. It’s a club

Your end up making friends, contacts and excellent business relationships with people from around the world. On a personal and business level the Whitebull club is a good one to be in.

3. It’s in Barcelona

A beautiful city with great locations and a sun that never seems to set, there need be no other reason to attend.

2. Because we’re judging

Our MD is one of the judges this year for the WhiteBull Bully Awards, come say hi!

1. It’s manageable

One of the core reasons Whitebull works so well is the size, keeping to below 300 attendees keeps it intimate and allows people to make strong connections. Simply put, it’s our favourite conference to attend.

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