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10 Apps for travel addicts

Travelling for business can be time consuming and difficult, so here are our top 10 travel apps to make your travel a little easier
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/ Last updated on 26th October 2017

Who doesn’t love to travel? Just the thought of relaxing at a beach or dining at a fine restaurant makes us overwhelmed with excitement. The yearning for interesting and diverse locations never ends. This craving is encouraged by numerous travel companies, which give a chance to save loads of money through their deals.

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There is a vast sea of culture, cuisine, and views to choose from. Smartphones and tablets have given us greater access by providing us communication apps to let us find tickets, currency converters, etc. Here are 10 apps that can help a savvy traveller.

1. Tripit

It organises your specific needs for travelling. It helps to organise a schedule. Tripit is available on all platforms like Android, BlackBerry and window based smartphones. This helps you plan trips and provides assistance for bookings, cars, flights, etc., and you receive email notifications on your Tripit account. Furthermore, it also provides weather forecasts and directions which can be useful.

2. Expensify

If you have a substantial amount of money but lack the brain to spend it, then Expensify guarantees to manage your expenses according to your pocket. If you are a busy bee, this app manages all your trip expenditures and provides a layout. All you need is a click of a button to sort them accordingly.

3. XE Currency

This fantastic currency converter is simple to use and quick to navigate. It covers a huge range of currencies. Furthermore, you can keep a record of your frequently used currencies via a graph.

4. GateGuru

This app helps in navigation across airports quickly. It also assists you to look for shops, ATM’s, restaurants and so much more.

5. Bump

Note: Bump seems to be no longer available.

Bump helps you to create your own business card which you can share with people. It also assists in sharing important files and contacts with co-workers virtually.

6. Evernote

This app allows you to share texts, voice notes and images. Despite being on the market for a long time they never fail to innovate for the frequent traveller.

7. Sunscreen Re-Applying

If you’re working out in the sun, you can set manual or auto reminders on your iPhone or iPad for the next sunscreen applying session.

8. Tipulator

This crafty tip calculator will help you in sorting out bills and will save you from social transgressions.

9. HopStop

This app provides the best way possible for the quickest and easiest routes to your location according to the respective transport systems, no matter where ever you are in the world. It will aid in finding the perfect bus or train routes.

10. Wikitude

This trendy app can help you earn a boost of augmented reality that most apps these days lack. All you need to do is house your camera to the surrounding area or wherever is it that you are and it will provide small amounts of information about the place so that you don’t miss the fun.

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